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With 50 years of Financial services experience, we can help you reach your goals safely.

As a registered investment advisory firm, Malnik Wealth Management, LLC spends a great deal of time researching publicly traded companies. We deliver personalized portfolios to each of our clients.

Benefits of Working With Us

A Fiduciary Family

Our clients are our family. That is why they receive the same advice we would give to any of our loved ones. It is not easy to trust someone with your financial life - we get it. It takes a lot of courage to come forward and discuss what you desire for your future, and what faults you have encountered along the way. We are here to welcome you to a new financial life and - just like family - we want to see you win.

A Continuing Legacy

The best part? Our family isn’t going anywhere. Malnik Wealth Management is maintained by a father and son. The father, Leon, has lived through the market and its many changes. Fifty years of advising experience have given him the gift of patience, perspective, and persistence when it comes to investing. And his son, Josh, is here to keep it going. When the time comes for Leon to transition into his own retirement, Josh is ready to take the reins. Regardless of the time you choose to work with us, our family values will live on.

A Good Time

It’s simple. Finances should be enjoyable. Of course, they are often the opposite. Money can be confusing and complicated. The overwhelming choices can keep you paralyzed in a stagnant financial plan - never moving forward. We believe building wealth is something we all want to do, so why not enjoy it? Our goal is to make the planning process enjoyable. After all, what could be better than creating the financial future you always wanted?